Since 1994, Office of the Appellate Defender has hosted First Monday in October.

This annual fundraising event features a mock U.S. Supreme Court argument, followed by an awards ceremony at which the Milton S. Gould Award for Outstanding Advocacy is presented to two of the most highly regarded advocates in the nation and the OAD Counsel for Justice Award is presented each year to a prominent in-house counsel who exemplifies OAD’s commitment to justice.

Oct 7 2019


Does Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation?     HONORING Gould Award for Outstanding Oral Advocacy FAITH E. GAY Selendy & Gay PLLC Gould Award for Outstanding Oral Advocacy HON. JOHN GLEESON Debevoise & Plimpton LLP OAD Gideon Award FRIED, FRANK, HARRIS, SHRIVER &…
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Oct 1 2018

2018 – Madison v. Alabama

A case that asks whether the Eighth Amendment prohibits the execution of a prisoner who has no memory of the offense for which he has been condemned to death.
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Oct 2 2017

2017 – Carpenter v. United States

A case that asks if the government needs a warrant and probable cause to obtain cellphone records that document historical location information.
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Oct 5 2016

2016 – APPLE, INC. v. F.B.I.

A hypothetical case that confronts the tension between individual privacy and the needs of law enforcement in the digital age.
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Oct 5 2015

2015 – Evenwel v. Abbott

State Apportionment Is A Redistricting Plan Based on Total Population Constitutional or Must the State Consider Eligible Voter Population?
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Oct 6 2014

2014 – Elonis v. United States

True Threats Does a Criminal Prosecution for Threatening Another via Facebook Posts Require Proof of the Defendant’s Subjective Intent to Threaten?
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Oct 7 2013

2013 – Thomas v. New York

False Confessions Do They Happen? Can They Be Prevented?
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Oct 1 2012

2012 – Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, et al.

Affirmative Action in College Admissions Is it still Constitutional?
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Oct 3 2011

2011 – Hyder v. Sebelius

Health Insurance Mandate Is it Constitutional?
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Oct 3 2010

2010 – Snyder v. Phelps

Does the First Amendment Shield Those Who Picket and Utter Hate Speech at Military Funerals?
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Oct 5 2009

2009 – Padilla v. State of Kentucky

Effective Assistance of Counsel Must an Attorney Advise a Client About Immigration Consequences?
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Oct 6 2008

2008 – Van de Kamp v. Goldstein

Redressing Wrongful Convictions Should Prosecutors Be Held Liable?
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