In honor of OAD's 30th anniversary, we are proud to present this first-ever OAD Alumni Directory.

Listed below are our former staff members’ names, current place of business, and position while at OAD.

As this Directory powerfully demonstrates, OAD-trained attorneys have become state and federal public defenders, scholars, policy-makers, jurists, and private practitioners.

OAD’s alumni hold leadership positions in national public interest organizations, large law firms, and even prosecutor offices.

Former OAD staffers have relied on their experiences representing people convicted of felonies in becoming artists, writers, healers, and philanthropists.

Today, OAD stands as a national model of outstanding indigent appellate defense representation.

It would not be the organization it is today were it not for the contributions made by each of the extraordinary individuals who has served our clients.

We have tried to include information that is as comprehensive and up-to-date as possible.

If you have any corrections, updates or additions, please contact Carolyn Norris at cnorris@oadnyc.org or (212) 402-4120.

To download a PDF of this Directory, please click here.


Anita Aboagye-Agyeman, The Legal Aid Society (OAD Staff Attorney)

Susan Abraham, New York Law School (OAD Supervising Attorney)

Virmary Acosta, Con Edison (OAD Administrative Assistant)

Alexis Agathocleous, Innocence Project (OAD Staff Attorney)

Stephanie Akhter, The Laura and John Arnold Foundation, Criminal Justice Initiative (OAD Intern)


Saadia Aleem Syria Cross Border International Rescue Committee (OAD Senior Staff Attorney)

Franz Allina Committee to Protect Journalists (OAD Staff Attorney)

Roslyn Allison (OAD Financial Officer)

Rosemary Almonte Guichardo U.S. Department of Labor, Office of the Solicitor (OAD Legal Intern)


Salina Kanai Althof Attorney at Law, ALC (OAD Staff Attorney)

Gloria Alvarez Queens Library (OAD Paralegal)

Sarah Arnholz Partners HealthCare (OAD Staff Attorney)

Kate Axelrod NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (OAD Social Work Intern)


Megan Backus-Florio MedOptions (OAD Social Work Intern)

Douglas Baker State Appellate Defender Office, Michigan & Wayne State School of Law (OAD Staff Attorney)

sujatha baliga Impact Justice (OAD Staff Attorney)

Stuart Banner UCLA School of Law (OAD Staff Attorney)


Lara Belkin The Food Law Firm (OAD Staff Attorney)

Morgan Birck University of Michigan Law School (OAD Legal Intern)

Molly Booth Brooklyn Defender Services (OAD Staff Attorney)

Katheryne Borrero (OAD Administrative Assistant)



Charity Brady Appellate Advocates (OAD Staff Attorney)

Heather Brody Center for Urban Community Services (OAD Social Work Intern)

Courtni Burleson American Constitution Society for Law & Policy (OAD Staff Attorney)


Jason Cade University of Georgia, School of Law (OAD Intern)

Vinnette Campbell Queens County District Attorney's Office (OAD Intern)

Maisy Card Newark Public Library (OAD Development Coordinator)

Joshua Carmel Riker, Danzig, Scherer, Hyland & Perritti, LLP (OAD Legal Intern)


Loreni Cespedes Freelance Graphic Designer (OAD Administrative Assistant)

Laura Chaath Collaborative Solutions (OAD Legal Intern)

Gregory Chiarello Outten & Golden LLP (OAD Staff Attorney)

Jill Luan Chien The Center for Family Representation (OAD Social Work Intern)

Erin Chizner Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP (OAD Legal Intern)


Linda Cohn Office of the Federal Public Defender, Western District of Pennsylvania (OAD Staff Attorney)

Dionne Coley The Peak Organization, Inc. (OAD Legal Intern)

Vaughn-Michael Cordes Attorney At Law (OAD Staff Attorney)

Kayla Cortes Jubilee Jobs (OAD Social Work Intern)

Ecena Cueto (OAD Administrative Assistant)

D - F

Danielle Cooper Daughtry The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science & Art (OAD Staff Attorney)

Nicole DeLaura (OAD Legal Intern)

Tamara Detloff (OAD Staff Attorney)

Paola Disla (OAD Administrative Assistant)

Salil Dudani Yale Law School (OAD Intern)

Nicholas A. Duston Norris McLaughlin, P.A. (OAD Fellow)

Leah Dyson Atlas Research (OAD Social Work)


Catharine (Kate) F. Easterly District of Columbia, Court of Appeals (OAD Staff Attorney)

Jajuan Ebron Urban Pathways (OAD Scanning Clerk)

Jennifer Eisenberg (OAD Staff Attorney)

Carlos Escobedo Office of the Federal Defender, Capital Habeas Unit (OAD Investigator/Paralegal)

Maia Falconi-Sachs Outten & Golden LLP (OAD Development Director)

Alejandro B. Fernandez Office of the Federal Public Defender, District of New Mexico (OAD Staff Attorney)


Benjamin Fidalgo South Jersey Legal Services (OAD Legal Intern)

Michael J. Figura The Legal Aid Society (OAD Legal Intern)

Marjorie Fingeret (OAD Social Work Intern)

Dyan Finguerra-DuCharme Pryor Cashman (OAD Legal Intern)

Matthew I. Fleischman Oppenheim & Zebrak LLP (OAD Fellow)

Anabel Flores The Legal Aid Society (OAD Administrative Assistant)

Lisa B. Freeland Office of the Federal Public Defender (OAD Staff Attorney)


Robert Garcia Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP (OAD Staff Attorney)

Jessica Garland Yale Law School (OAD Legal Intern)

Sarah E. Geraghty Southern Center for Human Rights (OAD Staff Attorney)

Risa Gerson Bronx District Attorney’s Office, Conviction Integrity Unit (OAD Supervising Attorney)


Mark S. Gimpel Law Offices of Mark Gimpel (OAD Supervising Attorney)

Lily M. Goetz The Legal Aid Society (OAD Staff Attorney)

Laurence Goodman Law Offices of Willig, Williams & Davidson (OAD Staff Attorney)

Katherine A. Grainger Civitas (OAD Staff Attorney)

Casey Grannis Nielsen, Broman & Koch P.L.L.C. (OAD Legal Intern)


Christina Graves NYC Department of Education (OAD Staff Attorney)

Richard M. Greenberg The Ida and Robert Gordon Family Foundation (OAD Attorney-in-Charge)

Vaidya Gullapalli (OAD Client Services Director)

Sara Gurwitch Guthrie CiderWorks (OAD Deputy Attorney-in-Charge)

Phillip Guttmann St. Anne's (OAD Social Work Intern)


Matthew L. Hancock (OAD Intern)

Katherine Hardy (OAD Social Work Intern)

Jessica Henry Montclair State University (OAD Staff Attorney)

Sophia Hill New Jersey Office of the Public Defender (OAD Legal Intern)


Holly Hobart The International Legal Foundation (OAD Intern)

Heather Holloway Moore Facebook (OAD Staff Attorney)

Daniel W.E. Holt Author, “Heat in US Prisons and Jails: Corrections and the Challenge of Climate Change” (OAD Senior Staff Attorney)


Julie E. Holt Office of the Federal Public Defender, Southern District of Florida (OAD Staff Attorney)

Elaine M. Horn Williams & Connolly LLP (OAD Staff Attorney)

Jalina J. Hudson Perkins & Coie LLP (OAD Staff Attorney)

Herbert Hugh Columbia School of Social Work (OAD Development Associate)

J - K

Rebecca Jacobstein Committee for Public Counsel Services (OAD Staff Attorney)

Kerry Jamieson Civilian Complaint Review Board (OAD Supervising Attorney)

Mabel Jerez Center for Court Innovation (OAD Paralegal & Interpreter)

Mugambi Jouet McGill University (OAD Staff Attorney)


Jacqueline J. Kelly (OAD Social Work Intern)

Chantal Khalil Finkelstein, Blankinship, Frei-Pearson & Garber, LLP (OAD Legal Intern)

Ursula H. Kiczkowski (OAD Social Work Intern)

Rakesh Kilaru Wilkinson Walsh + Eskovitz LLP (OAD Legal Intern)


Gian King Xerox (OAD Staff Attorney)

AiLun Ku The Opportunity Network (OAD Undergraduate Investigative Intern)

Julia P. Kuan Romano & Kuan, PLLC (OAD Staff Attorney)

Anant Kumar Zuckerman Spaeder LLP (OAD Staff Attorney)

Tara Kumar The Legal Aid Society, Criminal Defense Practice (OAD Legal Intern)


Paul (Skip) Laisure Appellate Advocates (OAD Staff Attorney)

Jennifer Lambert Harvard Law School (OAD Intake Specialist)

Eunice Lee Federal Defenders of New York (OAD Supervising Attorney)



Martin Lijtmaer Law Offices of Martin Lijtmaer (OAD Legal Intern)

Terry Linton "She Roads with Terri Linton" Podcast (OAD Staff Attorney)

David Loy (formerly David Blair-Loy) ACLU Foundation of San Diego & Imperial Counties (OAD Staff Attorney)


Richard Luedeman Wiggin and Dana LLP (OAD Legal Intern)

Namita Luthra (OAD Staff Attorney)

M - O

Jonathan Marvinny Federal Defenders of New York (OAD Staff Attorney)

Sharmeen Mazumder Brooklyn Defender Services (OAD Staff Attorney)

Matthew L. Mazur Dechert LLP (OAD Staff Attorney)

Scott C. McAbee Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP (OAD Staff Attorney)

Bridget Mary McCormack Michigan Supreme Court (OAD Staff Attorney)

William Joseph McCormack, Jr. Actor and Television Producer (OAD Administrative Assistant)

Karin McCormick Verizon Wireless (OAD Staff Attorney)


Renee McDonald-Hutchins University of Maryland School of Law (OAD Staff Attorney)

Ada D. Medina The Legal Aid Society (OAD Legal Intern)

Samuel Mendez United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida (OAD Senior Staff Attorney)

Ira Mickenberg National Defender Training Project (OAD Supervising Attorney)

Florian Miedel Miedel & Mysliwiec LLP (OAD Staff Attorney)

Kate Mollison The Southern District of Florida Federal Public Defender’s Office (OAD Staff Attorney)


William R. Montross UDC David A. Clarke School of Law (OAD Staff Attorney)

Leora Moreno Mecklenburg County Public Defender's Office (OAD Legal Intern)

Robin Morjikian Calvary Presbyterian Church (OAD Office Manager)

Katie Mulcahy Penn Center for Community Health Workers (OAD Social Work Intern)

Tomoeh Murakami Tse The Legal Aid Society (OAD Staff Attorney)

Deborah Noonan (OAD Staff Attorney)

Stephanie Omezi University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration (OAD Intern)


Hemangi S. Pai Brooklyn Defender Services (OAD Intern)

Paresh S. Patel Office of the Federal Public Defender, District of Maryland (OAD Staff Attorney)

Rebekah Pazmino The Legal Aid Society (OAD Staff Attorney)


D'Ann R. Penner Larry Curtis, APLC (OAD Legal Intern)

Daniel Perlman Cobb Psychotherapy (OAD Social Work Intern)

Peter A. Perlman The Hartford (OAD Staff Attorney)


 Karl E. Pflanz New York State Unified Court System (OAD Staff Attorney)

Michael Pinard University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law (OAD Staff Attorney)

Munir Pujara Urban Justice Center, Mental Health Project (OAD Staff Attorney)


Tina Mazza Ralls Curtin & Heefner LLP (OAD Staff Attorney)

Helen Ogbara Reeves Dentons US LLP (OAD Intern)

Palma Repole Ethical Culture Fieldston School (OAD Staff Attorney)

Amy Robinson Giskan Solotaroff & Anderson (OAD Intern)


Nicole Rochat Holistic Healing (OAD Social Work Director)

Sarah Roffe NewYork Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Center (OAD Social Work Intern)

Joshua Rosenkranz* Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP (OAD Attorney-in-Charge; Current OAD Board Member)


Laura Rossi Westchester Community Foundation (OAD Staff Attorney)

Melissa Rothstein Maryland Office of the Public Defender (OAD Senior Staff Attorney & Social Work Director)

Caroline Rule Kostelanetz & Fink LLP (OAD Staff Attorney)


Reena Sandoval (OAD Staff Attorney)

Lenisha Scotland Catholic Charities, Brooklyn Community Center (OAD Intern)

Jahaan Shaheed Federal Community Defender Office, Eastern District of Pennsylvania (OAD Staff Attorney)

Daniel V. Shapiro United States Attorney's Office, District of New Jersey (OAD Intern)

Rahul K. Sharma Office of the Federal Public Defender, Eastern District of Virginia (OAD Staff Attorney)


Devon Skeens Appalachian Research & Defense Fund (OAD Legal Intern)

Natalie J. Sobchak Pace Women's Justice Center (OAD Staff Attorney)

Gregory I. Solomonow (OAD Intern)

Avi Springer Rubin, Kidney, Nyer & Vincent (OAD Staff Attorney)

Rebecca Stead Rebecca Stead Books (OAD Staff Attorney)

Lauren Stephens-Davidowitz United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York (OAD Senior Staff Attorney)


Samantha L. Stern Office of the Federal Public Defender, Western District of Pennsylvania (OAD Staff Attorney)

Andrew B. Stoll Stoll, Glickman & Bellina, LLP (OAD Intern)

Sheena Stringer (OAD Social Work Intern)

Barry R. Strutt Keegan, Keegan, Keegan & Strutt LLP (OAD Staff Attorney)

Brian Stull ACLU Capital Punishment Project (OAD Staff Attorney)

Judith Swartz Oved & Oved LLP (OAD Intern)

T - V

Leila N. Tabbaa The Bronx Defenders (OAD Staff Attorney)

Beatriz Torres Legal Services for Children (OAD Social Work Intern)

Olga Lucia Torres CUNY School of Medicine & Olga Lucia Torres Consulting, LLC (OAD Staff Attorney)


Whitney C. Tymas Justice & Public Safety PAC (OAD Supervising Attorney)

Jeffrey A. Udell* Walden Macht & Haran LLP (OAD Staff Attorney; Current OAD Board Member)

Edward J. Ungvarsky Ungvarsky Law PLLC (OAD Staff Attorney)


Heidi van Es Federal Defenders of New York (OAD Social Work Director)

Steven A. Vargas (OAD Administrative Assistant & Paralegal)

Ana Vuk-Pavlovic Mental Hygiene Legal Service (OAD Staff Attorney)

W - Z

Daniel A. Warshawsky New York Law School (OAD Deputy Attorney-in-Charge)

Matthew Wasserman Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals (OAD Staff Attorney)

Jonathan Willens Willens & Scarvalone LLP (OAD Staff Attorney)


Andrea Yacka-Bible The Legal Aid Society – Criminal Appeals Bureau (OAD Legal Intern)

Jaden Witherspoon (OAD Summer Scanning Clerk)

Michael Woodruff Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem (OAD Legal Intern)


Jessica A. Yager NYU Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy (OAD Staff Attorney)

Alicia Young City of Fayetteville, North Carolina (OAD Staff Attorney)

Rachel Younger (OAD Social Work Intern)

Sam Zalutsky (OAD Development Coordinator)