OAD Alumni Directory

In honor of OAD’s 30th anniversary, we are proud to present this first-ever OAD Alumni Directory.

We have listed our former staff members’ names, current place of business, and position while at OAD.

As this Directory powerfully demonstrates, OAD-trained attorneys have become state and federal public defenders, scholars, policy-makers, jurists and private practitioners.

OAD’s alumni hold leadership positions in national public interest organizations, large law firms, and even prosecutor offices.

Former OAD staffers have relied on their experiences representing people convicted of felonies in becoming artists, writers, healers, and philanthropists. 

Today, OAD stands as a national model of outstanding indigent appellate defense representation.

It would not be the organization it is today were it not for the contributions made by each of the extraordinary individuals who has served our clients. 

We have tried to include information that is as comprehensive and up-to-date as possible.

If you have any corrections, updates or additions, please contact Carolyn Norris at cnorris@oadnyc.org or 212.402.4120.

To download a PDF of this Directory, please click here.