The Office of the Appellate Defender (OAD)

is one of New York City’s oldest providers of appellate representation to poor people convicted of felonies, the City’s second oldest institutional indigent defense office, and a national model of effective, innovative, and holistic defense representation.  


OAD strives to ensure that poor people convicted of felonies receive full and equal access to justice by providing exceptional appellate representation, improving the quality of indigent defense representation through education and training, and advocating for systemic reform of New York City’s criminal justice system.

Support Fairness, Dignity and Humanity in the Administration of Criminal Justice in New York City.

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OAD Alumni Directory

In honor of OAD’s 30th anniversary, we are proud to present this first-ever OAD Alumni Directory. We have listed our former staff members’ names, current place of business, and position while at OAD. As this Directory powerfully demonstrates, OAD-trained attorneys have become state and federal public defenders, scholars, policy-makers, jurists and private practitioners. OAD’s alumni…
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In honor of OAD’s 30th anniversary, we are sharing 30 ways that OAD makes a difference. From our courtroom success, reinvestigation project, esteemed alumni, client advocacy programs, and social services–follow along on Twitter and Facebook, or click here to see all of the ways revealed thus far! #WeRepresent​ #OAD@30
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Court of Appeals Dismisses Enterprise Corruption Indictment

On November 27, 2018, New York’s Court of Appeals dismissed the Enterprise Corruption indictment against OAD client, Damian Jones, finding that “the proof elicited at trial was not legally sufficient to establish the elements of defendant’s knowledge of the existence of the subject criminal enterprise and the nature of its affairs or his intent to…
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Appellate Update (November 5-16, 2018)

Second Department People v. Jahmarley Jones Reversing and remanding for a new trial for Crawford and Inoa errors. Mr. Jones was allegedly part of the S.N.O.W. gang. Two officers testified as experts based on their expertise “in the hierarchy, practices, [and] languages of the S.N.O.W. Gang and other gangs.” Both officers stated that their expertise…
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AD1 Vacates OAD’s Client’s Plea Because of Inadequate Trial Court Instruction

In People v. Vasquez, the First Department vacated Mr. Vasquez’s second-degree robbery plea after concluding that the trial court failed to inform Mr. Vasquez that the enhanced sentence he would receive if he violated the conditions of his plea agreement would include post-release supervision (PRS). Congratulations to OAD Staff Attorney Victorien Wu! Read it here:…/3dseries/2018/2018_07658.htm
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OAD Appellate Update (October 23 to November 5, 2018)

Appellate Update (October 23, 2018 to November 5, 2018) Court of Appeals People v. Jakim Grimes (Oct. 23, 2018) Opinion by Judge Di Fiore with Judges Stein, Fahey, Garcia and Feinman concurring; Judge Wilson dissents in an opinion joined by Judge Rivera The Court of Appeals previously held in People v Andrews (2014) that an…
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